The Doctor Who Miniatures

Salute 2010
              Best Participation Game

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Sorry to say the site is shutting down. The landscape of Doctor Who gaming has changed recently, and right now it has become prudent for me to remove the DWMG from the scene, it's making things too complicated and affecting other stuff I am involved in. I've sent it forwards into the future, read into that what you will, Time Lords and Ladies.

The game always was a free fan product, so if you liked it, get out and game it, and give the whole thing the support it deserves. It's a great game (who says you can't game Doctor Who?) and brilliant fun.

And it's SO not over… My DWMG Facebook group is HERE until the end of November 2016, so join and see what everyone else is saying. There's a brilliant Facebook fan group HERE, who are devoted to maintaining the love for the game – go and join them and see what they have to offer. I'm on Facebook as well HERE if you want to say "hi".

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the rules, printed them out, hunted out and painted the miniatures, shown me their photos, sent me emails, and chatted to me at shows. Your love of the game kept me doing it. Geronimo!

Graeme Dawson, DWMG, 13 November 2016


Doctor Who is © BBC Worldwide Ltd. The DWMG is an unofficial free product.