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10th Doctor Downloads

Welcome to Torchwood PDFWELCOME TO TORCHWOOD | 22.09.07
From the Sycorax to the Genesis Ark, meet the new Doctor and the shadowy agency out to stop him. This release details the second year of the new series and includes such diverse topics as Queen Victoria and ELO. 32 Page PDF including 3 scenarios and 50 stat cards. The introductory PDF release The Battle for Canary Wharf provides further details on the climactic finale to the series.

Last of the Time Lords PDFLAST OF THE TIME LORDS | 19.06.09
Who's human, and who's a Time Lord? It starts with a runaway bride and ends with a new Prime Minister. Inbetween lie Shakespeare, Lazarus, the Family of Blood and the Weeping Angels among others. 40 Page PDF with 7 scenarios and 64 new stat cards make this the most detailed coverage of a year's Doctor Who to date.

                      Battle for Canary WharfTHE BATTLE FOR CANARY WHARF | 20.12.09
Learn to play the game with this 16 page introductory booklet PDF with 3 pages of awesome standup models and scenery to build. Starter rules and 2 scenarios based on the episodes 'Army of Ghosts' and 'Doomsday' let you face off the Doctor, Torchwood, Cybermen and Daleks.

The Infinite Quest PDFTHE INFINITE QUEST | 29.06.08
Space bad guy Baltazar seeks the datachips which will gain him access to the legendary lost spaceship The Infinite. The quest spans various worlds and encounters with all manner of creatures, machines and dangers. This adaptation of the 13 part Totally Doctor Who adventure runs to 8 pages and includes 14 new stat cards.

Dreamland PDFDREAMLAND | 24.05.10
1958, Nevada, and the Doctor finally gets round to visiting Area 51. Never one for a straightforward sightseeing trip, it seems there's trouble with the government, mysterious men in black, giant bugs and grey aliens. 12 page PDF containing 4 scenarios and 16 new stat cards.

Time Crash PDFTIME CRASH | 29.10.10
10 divided by 5 goes twice. What are the chances of the TARDISes of both the 5th and the 10th Doctor ending up in exactly the same place? If it's a Children in Need special, then it's quite likely. Single page PDF with a new Time Crash event card to get more Doctors in your games. With or without the celery.

Crooked Dice's epic 6 player Torchwood/Daleks/Cybermen/Preachers/Riot Police/Geezers multiplayer bash is now playable in the comfort of your very own London Docklands. As seen at Salute 2010, this 37 page PDF has everything you need to get your (very big) game on!

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