The Doctor Who Miniatures

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Doctor Who Miniatures
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The Doctor Who Miniatures Game

The Doctor Who Miniatures GameTHE DOCTOR WHO MINIATURES GAME 2nd Edition | 02.01.09
The DWMG allows you to wargame in the many and varied worlds of Doctor Who. Expect catastrophic plans, daring escapades, outlandish inventions and awesome villainy. The free 64 page PDF rulebook contains all the rules you need to play as well as 6 scenarios and 112 miniature profiles drawn from the classic series of Doctor Who, 1963–89.

The DWMG is supported by numerous releases from both the classic and new series, all available as free PDFs from the links on the left.

The game has an active Yahoo! group, it's own Facebook site (both of these get exclusive material) and there's also support, chat and news on the Crooked Dice forum. Check out the Gallery for pictures and links to great convention games including our award winning game at Salute 2010. The links page details other sites of interest, including suppliers of miniatures.

The Battle for Canary WharfTHE BATTLE FOR CANARY WHARF | 20.12.09
Learn to play the game with this 16 page introductory booklet PDF with 3 pages of awesome standup models and scenery to build. Starter rules and 2 scenarios based on the episodes 'Army of Ghosts' and 'Doomsday' let you face off the Doctor, Torchwood, Cybermen and Daleks.

Check out the Rules or 10th Doctor Download links on the left to download this PDF.

The Doctor Who Miniatures Game is an unofficial product based on the BBC television programme. No copyright infringement is intended. The game is free and should not be in any way sold for profit. All rules and layout by Graeme Dawson and others as credited.

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Doctor Who is © BBC Worldwide Ltd. The DWMG is an unofficial free product.